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Image by Tim Graf

The Wolfe London is proud to collaborate with a unique and exciting business, Papa Ji. They aim to bring you the best fusion of Indian Street Food with a modern twist, making them a phenomenal eatery with mouth-watering concepts which will leave an explosion of flavour and wanting more.

Although TWL and Papa Ji dominate different industries, our goals and ambitions are aligned – To offer unique and bespoke products and services to all our customers, supporters and fans who enjoy trying new ideas and appreciate quality without compromising on price. Apparel and food are fundamental elements in our daily lifestyles, and we put a lot of pride into them both, so when passion is given to something, outstanding beauty and tasteful concepts are created; food and fashion present a two-way street. TWL and Papa Ji both intertwine and inspire each other to strive for better and continuously improve, change and adapt to the external factors.  


These brands do not expect their customers, supporters or fans to be “fashionistas” or “foodies”, they both have their own story. Both businesses want to make you feel part of the experience, whether that be through engagement on social media, or directly contacting us to give feedback and suggesting ideas which we can then incorporate to enhance what we offer. There are alternate and faux versions of both food and fashion, but these two worlds do in fact blend. They share a common trait, that when they are realized with refined expertise, it is an enlightening experience.


The purpose for TWL and Papa Ji collaborating is to show appreciation and support for two exclusive ideas joining forces to offer an incredible experience, exposing the talent and passion behind what we do and what we love. By working together, we can open our worlds to more enthusiasts and even inspire others to pursue their passions and create their own journey’s.

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