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We had a vision to revolutionise the fast-food industry. With 14+ years in the restaurant industry, we identified a gap for creating an Asian twist on popular dishes, resulting in the inception of Papa Ji.

Papa Ji resembles family, love and enjoying gourmet food with your loved ones. In ur household, Papa is the pillar and authoritative figure who loves his food. For him it is not just a daily meal, but a habitual event to bring everyone together.Passion and love became the foundation of why Pap Ji was established, keeping the heart of the family alive.


Whilst managing multiple global franchises, 3 children and a household, we worked endlessly with food scientists to create the perfect breading and marinade to combine with our own version of fried chicken- a dish iconic and unique to Papa Ji.


At the start of 2019 we operated from a truck, differentiating ourselves and creating a buzz for our food. Due to the popularity, we became a mobile kitchen, now known as Papa Ji Food Truck and challenged ourselves by increasing our menu to suit all dietary requirements


The covid pandemic hit the UK and this forced us to change our Papa Ji Food Truck strategy by joining the online market, becoming a leading take away service in North London and an overnight phenomenon across the UK.


In 2021 with an extensive and mouth-watering menu, Papa Ji Food Truck got the keys to our first restaurant. The start of a new chapter where we can continue offering and experimenting with flavours and invite more people on our journey



You won’t be disappointed with our food, just make sure that your taste buds are ready for our signature fiery strips and wings. We've worked with food scientists to create explosive seasoning. Classic Indian spices are mixed into the breading to create a fiery taste that cannot be forgotten, gourmet burgers, wings, fried Chicken Strips, Naan Wraps, Seekh Kebabs, Paneer Poppers & Fries are what you’ll find here at Papa Ji’s Food Truck. Regardless of your spice level, Papa Ji will cook a flavour you will love, if you can’t handle the heat we also have an original flavour available too. Being flexible is a crucial part of our business and we can also make bespoke food suitable to your audience’s needs.


Whatever the occasion, we are ready to help you for:


  • Corporate events

  • Weddings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduation

  • Marketing events / campaigns

  • On-set

  • School / University events

  • Fundraisers / Non-profit

  • Conferences

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