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You won’t be disappointed with our food, just make sure that your taste buds are ready for our signature fiery strips and wings. We've worked with food scientists to create explosive seasoning. Classic Indian spices are mixed into the breading to create a fiery taste that cannot be forgotten, gourmet burgers, wings, fried CHICK'N Strips, Naan Wraps, Seekh Kebabs, Paneer Poppers & Fries are what you’ll find here at Papa Ji’s Food Truck. Regardless of your spice level, Papa Ji will cook a flavour you will love, if you can’t handle the heat we also have an original flavour available too. Being flexible is a crucial part of our business and we can also make bespoke food suitable to your audience’s needs.



We don’t stand still and to make things interesting, we have also partnered up with Bira91 Kraft beer to bring some unique flavours of Beer that may not have been tried previously in the UK. Having conducted extensive tastings, we found Bira91 Kraft beer to go tremendously well with our CHICK'N, especially our fiery CHICK'N options, so make sure you try this combo that really is a match made in heaven.

Whatever the occasion, we are ready to help you for:


  • Corporate events

  • Weddings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduation

  • Marketing events / campaigns

  • On-set

  • School / University events

  • Fundraisers / Non-profit

  • Conferences

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Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

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Wednesday - 12pm -10pm

Thursday - 12pm- 10pm

Friday - 12pm -10pm

Saturday - 2pm - 10pm

Sunday - 3pm - 9pm

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